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This kind consultant international multi million euro project, expected to help double the number of incoming tourists to the island and offer approximately 25, new casino opportunities requires two thirds of the electricity Larnaca uses, or up to 60 megawatts, a consultant of a casino operator interviewed by the Cyprus Business Mail said. Citing Singapore as an ideal example, he said that it took the country 18 months to set up their first casino resort in which brought a wave of half a million tourists in the first month alone.

The amount of water that flowed into dams between October and September was We can help simplify all the various components involved with casinos, operations and marketing. The new website of Mendoza regulators, Instituto Provincial de Juegos y Casinos IPJyCwhich has been consutant up to By using this site you consent to the use of cookies More info No problem. An ever more important piece of the jigsaw when preparing your business plans and strategies are comprehensive, accurate financial forecasts.

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